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Atlanta's Most Trusted Jewelry Buyers

Established in 2019, Apex Gold Buyer is a diamond, sterling silver, and gold buyer in Atlanta, GA, and a AMH Metals Refining & AMH Metals Inc subsidiary. Our goal is simple, to make it easier for you to sell fine jewelry, bullion, and other precious material safely, securely, and confidentially.

Since 2007, our parent company has worked in the precious metal industry, and for almost half a decade, people across the US have trusted us to give them the offers they deserve.

Leveraging the wealth of knowledge and experience we have gathered, you can count on us to ensure every value-adding factor will be considered in evaluating your jewelry, gemstones and fine metals.


Our Ethos

At Apex Gold Buyer, we pride ourselves on our integrity. The exclusiveness of our silver, diamond and gold buying company lies in our commitment to providing you with a seamless and transparent selling experience.

We work with the utmost discretion and offer you the maximum value when you sell diamonds, fine jewelry, or bullion coins to us. With offers based on the intrinsic value of your metals and gemstones as well as market value, you can rest assured knowing you will get the money you deserve.

Our Commitment To The Environment

Mining precious minerals from the ground causes significant damage to the environment. At Apex Gold Buyer, we believe recycling goes a long way in minimizing environmental impact. As sterling silver, gold and diamond jewelry buyer, we aim to play a part in paving the path to a more sustainable future by purchasing, recycling and repurposing them.

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